Poetry can assume many forms and this collection takes a crack at it. One hundred and nineteen pieces written over a fourteen year period are compiled in this volume. These poems and song lyrics were composed during the young and fertile years of C. Cooper Ard. This book is divided into ten chapters, each section representing a different theme or period. Many subjects are explored here including love, death, anger, heartache, humor, sadness, loneliness, confusion, horror, and some downright silliness. It’s guaranteed that you, the reader, will not find every piece appealing, but hopefully you will find something that will make you smile, be thoughtful, relate, reflect, laugh, cry or stir your emotions in some way. Please enjoy again and again.

-Loves Left Behind
-To the Cosmos
-Home is the Hero
-Fun and Fancy
-Clouds of Confusion

-Now Here Come the Full Moon!
-Permanent Marvelite Maximus
-Moondog Mania!
-Another Way
-Up These Ladders of Life
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